Gardening in May

The garden has been looking exceptionally nice recently, with the peonies in bloom, roses coming out and the hydrangea growing more and more.

Over the past few years I have grown more fond of the garden and use Martha Stewart as my inspiration – the addition of more peony plants (bringing the total to four) and another hydrangea. We have also added more lavender along the path which will smell beautiful very soon.

In addition to the flowers at the back of the garden there is room for a car to be parked. A few years ago we installed a vegetable plot. Currently we have tomatoes, spring onions, peppers, cucumbers, lambs lettuce, sugar snaps and rocket growing. This past weekend we were able to walk to the end of the garden and pick fresh mint and rocket for lunch.

I am very fond of the garden at this time of the year and make sure that I come around the back of the house and through the garden on my way home. It is even better when Violet greets me down the path.

Here are some recent photos of the garden:

Looking down the garden.

From the patio. Mum’s olive tree (a present for Mother’s day), the new bird house and clematis growing up the fence (the roses are pouring over from our next door neighbour’s garden).


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