Half the year gone – time to set some new goals

Its amazing to find that half of 2009 has already gone. I had two goals for the year – to lose weight and to sort my finances out.

So far, not so great.

The problem is with my first goal – losing weight. Things started quite well, I started swimming, lost a little weight. But then did a detox (not a great idea), gave up caffeine and sugar (an even worse idea). I have since joint Rosemary Conley slimming classes. These are held once a week in a local school gym. You are weighed (privately) and then you do an aerobics class. I go with a friend from work. So far the results have been ‘okay’. Out of nine weigh-ins I have put weight on three times. I am still at a weight lower than when I started the class (a Good Thing).

I have been attempting to lose weight for about 10 years. My weight has pretty much stayed the same (large). My goal at the beginning of the year had been to get a pretty dress from Hobbs www.hobbs.co.uk or LK Bennett www.lkbennett.com for the office summer party, but due to the economic trouble we aren’t having one. So there was no point in continuing with that goal.

Also, when the dieting doesn’t go my way (i.e. I only lose 1lb after a gruelling week of no caffeine/sugar) I then go and eat a Big Mac, large fries and milkshake, followed by two weeks of eating anything I want. I need new goals and to start afresh.

Therefore my goals are:

1. to continue to attend the Rosemary Conley classes;
2. to keep a positive attitude to losing weight (Oprah is seeing it as looking after her body more than a diet).
3. to be, by Christmas a weight that I am happy with.


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