Hope shattered again

The title may be a little overdramatic – but the joy was there!

I will set the scene. I picked up the new Martha Stewart Living magazine (June) on my way home. I had nipped into WH Smith on the off chance that it had arrived, spotted it immediately paid for it and jumped on the bus. I skimmed the magazine and started reading Martha’s calendar but the bus driver was like a maniac and we were at my stop before I got halfway down the page.

I then had ‘Salsacise’ exercise class with a friend, so didn’t get back to finish reading until about 9.30 inbetween shouting at the TV (we had The Apprentice on). Then I shrieked “Martha’s coming to London – her Visa has been sorted out!”. I was in a sort of hysteria by then. Clutching to the magazine and pointing it at my mum. “What will you do?” she said. “I don’t know I said”. But then I started hatching out my plan. It was too late to be getting on with my investigations and I knew that if I started it would never get finished. I decided to wait until the next day. But I knew my plan – email Martha through her blog, email Andrew Ritchie of Martha Moments to see if he had any ideas and then email Wedgwood.

You see, mum and I had both had tickets to see Martha last year at Harrods for her to launch her Wedgwood design but then it had been cancelled due to her Visa not being allowed by the UK.

Then the sadness came:

I emailed Martha’s blog (the blog (something about hay) was taken away and my comment wasn’t authorised). And then my mind started thinking, surely it was about this time last year when she was due over… I checked my diary (I could have cried). And then Andrew Ritchie confirmed my worst fears – it had been a misprint, there have been no changes in Martha’s Visa rights.

I long to meet Martha, to see what she looks like up close, to say hello to get and have my ‘Martha Moment’. I am sure my time will come to meet her, I will just have to work doubly hard to make sure that it does!


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