Gardening Update

Another weekend, another gardening hour or so!

The weather wasn’t on our side for most of the weekend but in between heavy rain mum and I were out in the garden with our new plants.
Our trip to Garsons Farm in Esher had been a success. We were so happy, especially after not getting anything from Squires the weekend before. Our purchases were:
– a new terracota pot
– a poppy plant
– a delphinium plant
– more bedding plants
– petit pois.

The garden is looking really good. I dead-headed the peony bush, and mum sorted out a bush near the bottom of the garden that was overhanging onto the path.

At the bottom of the garden where we have our vegetable plot two new tomato plants have been added as well as six petit pois plants. The rocket was removed and we have now planted lettuce.

From the back of the garden. We only keep a few vegetables here and grow the larger vegetables at our allotment.

The sugar snap peas are coming on well. At the bottom of the photo are two lines of spring onions.

The tomato plants (two more were added this weekend).


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