The Big Weigh In

Its a whole month since I last went to my dieting class ‘fat club’ as it is commonly referred to. Last time, I had gained, I hold out very little hope for tonight.

My mentality is this : best to aim for the worst possible result and then if it is anything better you are winning! Its the approach I take when I look at my bank balance as well.

The class is through Rosemary Conley and when you sign up you receive emails from her once a month with encouragement – mine arrived in my mailbox this morning. It stated that giving in to small temptations can seriously undermine everything (a plain rich tea biscuit holds 40 calories, a chocolate one has 80).

I will eat a healthy lunch, bypass the clotted cream biscuits a colleague brought back from her holiday to Cornwall, and drink lots of water, in the hope that it won’t be too bad!


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