Plans Changing and Continual Crying

Oh goodness, I blogged that I would be going for my weigh in which I didn’t attend. Instead I went to see My Sister’s Keeper with a friend.

I had been expecting to cry throughout the film as I had read the book, and the ending I had read on a bus into London crying my eyes out. I had vowed therefore to see the film on a day when I had no mascara or eye make up at all on – panda eyes never looks good on anyone. You can guess what happened.

We had been due to see the film on the Thursday (and hence I would have made my weigh in) but the 2 for 1 with my Orange mobile made us think that we could save £10 if we went on the Wednesday – this was the day that I had made a real effort with my makeup and was therefore fearful that it would be a total mess when I left the cinema.

The film is sad, not as sad as the book, but I was crying within the first half an hour. In fact, by the end everyone was crying so much that this made my friend and I laugh – I had never heard so much sobbing before.

My makeup survived two hours of crying but I worry that I may soon cry again asmy waistline (I use the term loosely) has given up. Last week I ate out every lunchtime – two jacket potatoes, sandwich and chips in the pub, fish and chips and a bowl of soup.

Next week I start dieting properly again. The goal is 1,200 calories from the Rosemary Conley book and then take it from there.


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