Look What I Bought

Mum and I had a relaxing time looking around Westfields (my favourite shopping centre). It is so airy and free of people if you arrive early (we were there for 9am).

Here’s what I bought:

A quick trip into Topshop revealed nothing great – and everything on sale was in very small sizes (enough to make me turn on my heel and run) but we kept going and upstairs was this lovely top. They also had it in cream and navy but orange worked best.

New Look has the most comfortable shoes. I get through flat pumps very quickly and this shop helps me to be able to continual buy more. The Purple shoes were £16 and the Zebra print £20.

Gorgeous Mark Jacobs Perfume. I previously wore Daisy but ran out. I love ‘Mark Jacobs’ before I loved ‘Daisy’ and feel that the original is more classic. I love it!

Of course shopping would not have been complete without lunch – and we ventured on to the South Terrace for lunch at Kitchen Italia. This was our first time trying this restaurant and we both liked it. The large wooden benches were comfortable and in the middle were bottles of different olive oils (extra virgin, lemon, basil, rosemary), a basil plant ready for picking and a cheese grater. The food was fresh and quick.

We started with garlic pizza which was thin and crispy, well seasoned and came on the most beautiful olive board ready for cutting. I then had gnocchi with peas, rocket and gorgonzola which was wonderful (but very filling as gnocchi always is!) and mum had the tomato spaghetti. We were too full to even look at the dessert menu!


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