Martha Mondays – Apple-Honey Challah

Well after being so late last week with the pom poms I am extra early in posting this weeks (next weeks) Martha Mondays task.

This was a joint task with my mum as we were both home to do it whilst doing other chores (mainly gardening). It turned out that it was lucky that neither of us needed to go out for a long period of time as this recipe took for ever!

We started at about 1.15pm and got it out of the oven at about 5.30pm.

Despite my dislike of honey, I embraced the recipe and bought all the right ingredients including Granny Smith apples which I don’t really like (I’m more a pink lady girl!)

The problem for me was that it took too long, three times I had to take it to the airing cupboard, I found the instructions hard to follow (why preheat the oven 45 minute before it can go in the oven? – I disobeyed this).

We didn’t like it either. I wasn’t sure if you ate it as it was, had it with stewed fruit or something/cream/butter. Mum suggests that we through it to the birds and I agree. The pigeons I am sure will love it.

I will leave on a positive though, and say that despite us not liking it, it was good to try something new. I had never made Challah before (and probably won’t again) but at least I can say that I have now made it.

Ready to (finally) go in the oven.

Just before being cut.

The leftovers – quite a bit – but the birds will be happy tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Apple-Honey Challah

  1. You are so funny! I don't have Martha Stewart Living Magazine, so I do find it hard to do the recipes. I am surprised too on how some of her intructions seem…a little off. I haven't done mine yet, I forgot about it with the week I had at work (school). Thanks for sharing so soon.

  2. I'm sorry you didnt like the bread. I know the birds did! 😉 I made mine but haven't had a good taste yet. I was thinking french toast with the leftovers. My bird aren't as lucky as your birds. LOL

  3. Sorry you didn't like it. I thought mine was yummy. Although I agree with you on the apples. I like a sweeter apple 🙂 As for preheating the oven, a lot of bakers preheat their ovens at least a half hour before baking to make sure the oven is at the proper temperature. Most ovens signal that they are preheated properly but the oven temp isn't really high enough yet.

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