Martha Mondays – Mollases Spice Cake

It was my turn to choose the Martha Mondays project and I had had it worked out for weeks – the Mollases Spice Cake from the October 2007 issue of Living. Ever since I had seen the cake I had wanted an excuse to make it but there was never a good enough reason to use every spice known to man (I know, I exaggerate – slightly) and then cream cheese, sour cream and brown sugar glaze.

But the time had come. I printed out the recipe and ingredients from the internet and headed to the supermarket. I had most of the ingredients although ground mace still is nowhere to be found, and I ended up using blade mace and mashing it through a sieve, but everything else I managed to find.

As I had Friday off from work I put everything on the counter and got to work. Just one problem – the Singer household had only 1 cup of brown sugar so I used caster sugar as well. (Martha I know would never have run out).

The cake was easy to make, besides using up three different bowls. I often wonder what would happen if I just dumped in the flour and spices in one go, but I persisted. The cake for me took an hour to cook, but my cake pan was slightly smaller in size and deeper.

We all liked the cake. I did the cream cheese frosting in a separate bowl so we could add as much or as little as we liked. I wouldn’t add the butter to the cream cheese again as I don’t think it needed it. And I didn’t make the brown glaze as we had no brown sugar.

To anyone who makes the cake, I’m sorry that it had so many ingredients and probably wasn’t a good idea if you were on a diet. I hope other people liked the cake. I will certainly make it again and am thinking of trying it as cupcakes for Christmas.


5 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Mollases Spice Cake

  1. I'm excited to make this cake and think it was a great pick. Yes, pretty much a diet buster, but that's ok! I think it's perfect Fall. Your cake looks beautiful. 🙂

  2. I can't wait to see how your cake looks Megan. Yes, it is a diet buster – especially as I had it the next day toasted with a heap of cream cheese. I figure if I do the tasks at the weekend I can be good during the week!Pru

  3. Yours turned out beautiful! Looks so good. I didn't mind all the ingredients, I actually had all of them, even the mace. I picked some up at Penzey's Spices and needed something to use it in. Thanks.I think yours looks better than mine did. I posted it on my food blog this time. Nice choice and nice job!Hmm, I wonder how chocolate drizzled over the top would taste? 🙂

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