Martha Mondays – Apple Brown Betty

This weeks task was chosen by Abby from I was excited. I love apple crumble (although mum’s version is so floury that we have many other names for it!!!) but this sounded really interesting and was completely new to me.

I did this for dessert on Saturday night whilst we watched Stictly Come Dancing and it followed on from roast pork for dinner so I thought I was on to a winner.

It was easy to make and I followed the recipe to the tee. Even the oven instructions were right.

I had given strict instructions to mum and dad to prepare themselves and that they had to eat some of it before adding extra sugar or cream (which always happens in the Singer household). They agreed. Although dad then ate trifle and didn’t try any pudding (I’m still annoyed), mum and I were game – we both agreed that it had the winning ingredients – bread and apple for mum – and apple and cinnamon for me.

We both decided that it was a bit bland – mum blamed the apples of which she suggests using cooking apples and I wished I had used the demerara. Usually I find the Martha puddings to be so sweet. We both added cream and sugar.

I will try this recipe again and change it slightly. Thanks Abby for a good Martha Mondays project. I look forward to next week!

My photo doesn’t show the dessert in a great way (if anyone knows of a way to show good looking crumble please let me know).


4 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Apple Brown Betty

  1. It looks tasty. I'm making mine today so I guess I should pick up some ice cream to go with it. It doesn't seem to be a favorite from the few reviews I've read. Cant wait to try it but maybe I'll half the recipe. 🙂

  2. Yours looks good. I was going to make my tomorrow too. Monday's are so busy in the school clinic that I just want something easy when I get home. I think all you needed to make the photo was the ice cream! lol!

  3. I didn't get to this recipe this week as I am completely worn out from my Daring Baker challenge but I'm glad you tried it for me 🙂 Now I'll know to add more sugar and use baking apples! Looks good to me.

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