This Week Recap

I have decided to document my week so that I can see my accomplishments and what happened that I am proud of.

Since last Sunday:

  • Dinner with Charlotte (a good friend and ex-work colleague).
  • Tried seabass for the first time.
  • The doctor gave me my test results for the lump removed from my arm and it was benign : )
  • I did a huge clear out of my makeup and found that I had been holding on to many things that I should have chucked out a long time ago.
  • I started my Christmas shopping – books and things from Baby Gap
  • I did a trip to Fortnum and Mason with mum and bought teas to be sent to Australia.
  • I wrapped presents to be sent to Australia.
  • I managed to get into two pairs of trousers that I haven’t been able to wear for two years as I bought them needing to lose weight – which I have finally done!
  • I finally managed to work out how to put a hyperlink into my blog.

I had a lovely dinner with Charlotte and we had a great laugh. Since getting my test results back I have been a lot calmer. A good week I think!


2 thoughts on “This Week Recap

  1. Wow what an accomplishment! Congrats on getting into those trousers, and the good news on the lump! How was the sea bass?I still have a cheat sheet on the hyperlink, it doesn't come natural to me.Nice work! I wish I could have dinner and chat with you!

  2. Hi Lyndsey,Thanks for your good wishes. The seabass was lovely and had been cooked with a nice sauce and baby tomatoes. It was nice to try something new. Maybe one day we will have a Martha Mondays meeting and I will be able to pop over to the US to meet you all. I am in New York at the end of November for shopping but venturing no further unfortunately.

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