Blogs I Love – Andrew Ritchie’s Martha Moments

Andrew Ritchie’s blog Martha Moments was the first blog that I ever looked at. A couple of years ago I Googled ‘Martha’ and found Andrew’s account of attending a Good Things event where he critiqued the day including what they had done that day, Martha’s presence at the event and the food that had been served. I loved it.

As I continued my search on the blog I found such detailed information on Martha it was as though Andrew had sat on Martha’s shoulder for many years. How he manages to find such wonderful information and know so many facts is beyond me. Subject matters include all of Martha’s houses, the magazines, Good Things and details on the business.

The joy of the blog, which I read before I even check out Martha’s blog is that it is real. In the past Andrew has commented on things that he feels could be modified, and changed for the better. His annual review of Living is superb and I can’t wait until the end of December to see what he thought about the 2009 magazines.

If you are after information on Martha and what is coming up, Andrew’s blog is the likely place to find that information. Andrew has twice helped me with information on Martha and he has always been very gracious about my rambling emails.

I truly love Martha Moments and can’t wait to have my own Martha Moment so that I can tell Andrew all about it.

If you haven’t stopped by at Martha Moments, I urge you to. Andrew keeps a wonderful blog and I love him dearly for keeping me updated on all that is going on in Martha’s world.


2 thoughts on “Blogs I Love – Andrew Ritchie’s Martha Moments

  1. Pru, this is ecstatic!! I love it! Thank you so much! I'm blessed to have you as a reader! Lots more to come in the coming weeks, including never-before-seen photos of Skylands taken by a landscape scholar, as well as an interview with him about his trip to Skylands. (PS: You put Martha Mondays instead of Martha Moments in the title! Hee hee!)

  2. I am so sorry for doing the wrong title! How poor of me, and I checked it, like three times!!!I think I need coffee (or chocolate!)Pru

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