Martha Mondays – Apple Tart

This weeks project was chosen by AquaSunday from the November issue of Living. I had looked at the tart and was keen to try it – I was glad to have the excuse to make it.

As ‘Jazz’ apples were on offer in the supermarket (2 for 1) I bought those, and got prepared and made the applesauce on Saturday night. Today (Sunday) I baked. I had planned to make it and then bake it later, but in the end decided that it was easier to get it done and then reheat some later. The recipe was easy to follow, although I didn’t need 2 tablespoons of butter or all that apricot jam but it didn’t matter.
The tart is lovely, the apples turned out a little dry but this could have been due to the type of apple and we had the tart with cream so it didn’t matter at all. I think I might adapt this and add some sultanas and cinnamon for a Christmas treat.

Thanks for a great Martha Monday project – I think I will go and have another slice now!

5 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Apple Tart

  1. It looks wonderful Pru! I was all set to make mine today, but I left my MS magazine at work. Maybe I'll see if it's online. I think this should taste good cold too!

  2. Looks very nice. You made your own applesauce! I didn't, although I do love homemade applesauce. I don't know what sultanas are though.

  3. Hi Brette,Yes I did make my own applesauce. In the UK you don't find applesauce that often – usually to be used with pork and I figured that this would be pretty sweet. I will have to see if I am missing out on readymade applesauce but I have very rarely seen a recipe in the UK that has needed it. Sultanas are like bigger raisins – but sweeter and softer. Pru

  4. Your apple tart looks great! I've never baked with puff pastry before, but it sure makes the dessert look pretty. I usually bake with granny smiths because I like the tartness. Nice job!

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