Martha Mondays – Birdseed and Suet Feeders

Brette from Martha & Me choose this weeks project and I was pleased to do a craft instead of cooking as I already knew what I wanted to cook this weekend.

Back to the bird feeders. Mum had already attempted this but was a bit mean with the bird seed and they were not put up. We did this as a joint task with me being more generous with the bird seed this time! We used lard instead of suet as we have always done. And we re-used the lard from the birdfeeders that we had not used. They were easy to make and we hung them in the garden this evening. No bird have touched them yet, but the rain has been falling and it always takes a day or two for the birds to suss them out.

We also did a task which we had seen in Country Living. You get a pinecone which you have ribbonned at the top and drip lard on to it and then sprinkle seeds on to it. We left them to set and then hung them outside also.

Thanks for the task this week Brette. I won’t be doing the task next week as I will be in New York. If anyone has any last minute tips of where to try please let me know. Mum and I have managed to get tickets to see Martha and I can’t wait!!!


6 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Birdseed and Suet Feeders

  1. Yours look great! I'm so jealous! Maybe using lard would have made it work for me. I CANNOT wait to hear about seeing Martha! You have to tell ALL about it. Have a lovely trip!

  2. Thanks Brette. I would have used suet if it wasn't already for mum starting this project before. The pinecones I will certainly do again and you can be sure that I will be blogging all about my trip once I am back!

  3. Yours turned out so well. I like the pine cones too. Our neighboors across the street have a tree that lets off large pine cones perfect for this. Maybe I'll do the peanut butter/seeds on it. Can't wait to read all about your trip and seeing Martha! Have a wonderful time!

  4. Great job! Did you have any problems with the getting it out of the molds? My feeders started to fall apart at room temperature. I'm definitely going to try the pine cones. I've got a ton of them in the backyard thanks to our gigantic pine trees. I'd love to hear more about your trip to New York. Say hi to Martha for me 🙂

  5. Hi Teresa,I had no problems in getting them out – although mine were smaller – I used trifle pots (the same size as yoghurt pots). Maybe it was the lard instead of the suet.

  6. Yours look fabulous! I wonder if the birds will get more interested in them as the winter wears on and they get hungrier. Have a great time in NY!

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