Martha Mondays – Vinegar Glossed Chicken

December has been a difficult month.  My grandad continues to be in hospital following another fall as soon as he came out of hospital.  And in general the month has been pretty chaotic juggling work, parties, Christmas chores and everything else that seems to happen just when you could do with a break. 
But, I found time to do the Vinegar Glossed Chicken.  I am keen to start trying more of the flavoured oils and vinegars and found the red wine vinegar with ease in the supermarket.  I changed the recipe only slightly in that I did skinless chicken breast instead of skinned chicken.  I never eat meat which has the bone in it, and we never buy chicken with the skin on. 
The recipe was easy to make and it was enjoyed (I served it with Muse in the Kitchen’s garlic rice).  I wish there had been more ‘sauce’ on the chicken and I would be tempted to use more sauce next time.  I see this as work in progress.  I will definently try it again and might cook it with some onion next time. 
I’m sorry but there is no photo this time as my camera on my phone is not working (another thing to get sorted out)!
I hope to do a post before Christmas, but if not, then I wish you a very wonderful Christmas full of fun, warmth and holiday spirit.

3 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Vinegar Glossed Chicken

  1. So sorry about your grandfather. I agree – December is just the hardest month, so points for you for attempting to fit this in. I was new to red wine vinegar too. I'm not a fan of this recipe though in the end.

  2. I thought this recipe had promise. Maybe I'll try it with skinless chicken next time.I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. I pray he has a fast and easy recovery from his fall.

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