Martha Merchandise

A trip to New York and a morning spent seeing a live taping of the Martha show would not have been complete for me if I hadn’t bought lots of Martha products.  Apart from the magazines, Wedgwood collection and books (which I order on-line as book shops over here rarely have Martha books in stock) there are no other Martha products to be found.  I always hope that Martha will find a supplier over here to carry her products – Harrods would be ideal for me. 
So, mum and I took ourselves to Macy’s in New York.  Mum and I had both been to Macy’s years ago and never thought too highly of it then.  We still don’t.   I find the staff to be pretty rude, the building quite shabby and the products are never displayed greatly.  I think Martha could do with making a one of her staff from head office go in and neaten it all up (something that mum and I took to doing whilst we were in there).  We didn’t purchase bed linens (something that I had wanted to do) due to their price, which maybe if the pound had been stronger against the dollar I would have done.  We didn’t buy Christmas items either as there was very little displayed and I didn’t like the glittered seashells that they had in store.  However, I did find the Martha products for kitchenware to be in good order (I hate having to hunt around for products too much and as such am never a good shopper in the sales) and purchased a bowl for utensils, a cake tester, a recipe calculator (so clever – it divides the measures, multiplies them and triples them) and measuring cups.  Bearing in mind that we had our luggage allowance otherwise I would have been tempted to buy more.  A skillet was on my list but I never found one.  I had also wanted a Martha Stewart mug, with the logo but it seems that they didn’t do them.  Maybe they don’t do them at all.
On the day of the Martha show mum and I stood in line with our Martha merchandise order forms which a member of staff had been handing out and ordered two aprons (one for me one for mum, a tote bag and a hooded jumper).
We are both so pleased with our purchases.  I have used all of the items and they are great.  The measuring cups are especially great as you fill them to the top as opposed to the old ones I had (Nigella Lawson ones) which had the measure inside the cup.  The hooded jumper has proved to be warm and soft and although I do not usually wear clothing with names or logos on it, I am happy to have the logo of the show on my right arm.  The tote bag is sturdy and carried Christmas presents into work with ease. 
A trip to Kate’s Paperie also saw the purchase of Martha’s Crane & Co. Christmas cards which are beautifully designed and I will take great delight in sending these next year. 
The products we picked really were ‘good things’.

4 thoughts on “Martha Merchandise

  1. Nice Martha haul! It's especially nice if you use everything you got. Martha does have a lot of nice ideas. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Pru! I'm so glad you were able to pick up a few items during your visit. I think Martha would do well to find a UK distributor for her merchandise. It's sounds as if there would be enough interest to make it worth the international distribution. I hope they put your Martha show purchases in a nice shopping bag for you to keep as a momento! Regarding logo mugs: I know Macy's never carried one (I want one too!) but I would keep an eye out on the shop tab on and the link to 'Marthaware.' When I recently wrote about other merchandise being available, they said they were adding products in the spring.. maybe a logo mug will be available! I have the same grey hooded sweatshirt (jumper) and also an umbrella. If ever there's something you'd like from Macy's, I'd be happy to work with you to get it shipped to you. All the best! Kenn

  3. Hi Kenn,I will have a look on the Martha site, I assumed that they only delivered to the USA but will have a look to see if they can deliver to England. I would love so much of Martha's merchandise to give as presents and to keep myself.Pru

  4. I am absolutely in love with that recipe calculator. It is amazing. I share your opinion about Macy’s! Macy’s stores in other locations around the country are different, but I would still say the displays are nothing fabulous.

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