Martha Mondays – Crayon Hearts

Lyndsey chose this week’s project and I had fun in WHSmith finding crayons – I found the basic colours and bought two packs.  I then shaved two of red, purple and white.  Now, wax paper I assume to be like parchment paper, and I bought a new roll.  This is where it might have gone wrong. 

It didn’t work. 

I did try hard, ironing the paper carefully and evenly but when I unfolded the paper the wax had harden and not soaked into the paper. 

I hope everyone elses worked better!


Coming this week : Birthday celebrations and Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes!


4 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Crayon Hearts

  1. Parchment paper is different. It doesn’t have any wax. The wax from the waxed paper melts together with the crayons and makes them meld to the paper. Sorry it didn’t turn out!

  2. Bummer, it didnt work. Try again with wax paper. I haven’t done mine yet cuz I haven’t made it to get my crayons. I know, pathitic excuse. But I did post my postcards from last week. Day late and a project short!

  3. Yes, Pru you should try it with wax paper. We never did this project as a kid, but we did iron Fall leaves between two sheets of wax paper. You can try it with other shapes too, as long as you got the crayons (or give them to Megan) lol!

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