Martha Mondays – Spinach Frittata


This weeks project was chosen by Karen a new member to the Martha Mondays group who has a lovely blog called At Least Twice A Week where she blogs about different recipes she is trying.

After my disaster last week with wax hearts I was pleased to get a recipe again.  Give me cooking over crafting anyday!

It is unusual for me to alter the recipe chosen, but this week I did.  Namely because no one in my house likes spinach so instead I used red pepper.  I also added an extra egg yolk (more by accident as it fell in but then I couldn’t be bothered to get it out of the bowl!)

These were really good.  Mum and I had them for our tea with some avocado.  I had never made frittata before, but I will certainly be making it again.  This was a healthy recipe which served with a salad would make a lovely light lunch or dinner.  Next time I would add a little more cheese but apart from that it was perfect.  I also loved that it came out of the ramekin and looked so pretty on the plate. 

Thanks for a great Martha Mondays project.


One thought on “Martha Mondays – Spinach Frittata

  1. You are so funny! I love that you “dabbled” with the recipe. You have to make it the way your family will eat it! So it worked ok with the extra yolk? I almost just used 2 eggs with mine instead of 1 and 2 whites. It looks like yours turned out just fine, you are so creative with the red peppers!

    I just posted my results. I think this is the first time I actually followed the recipe the way it was:) Have a great day!

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