Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes with Mint Cream


On Sunday night I saw the most gorgeous photo of a chocolate cupcake on Smitten Kitchen.  It turned out that they were flourless, which I had never made before and came with a ‘healthy dollop’ of mint cream (which I had never made before).  It was too late to make them on Sunday and I didn’t have all the ingredients to hand – it is unwise for me to keep lots of chocolate or cream in the house, as I will eat it!

So, last night, I made them.  If you like a really strong chocolate flavour then these cupcakes are for you.  Personally I would mix milk and dark chocolate next time, but they are seriously good especially with the cream.  Although Smitten Kitchen said it made 9 I got 12 out of mine, and therefore some of mine had mint icing made with the white chocolate and then I mixed up a batch of buttercream and added mint.

But they are good, and I urge you to have a look at the recipe and try it on Smitten Kitchen.

P.S    The photo above was taken with my phone camera at my desk today where my colleagues are deavouring the cupcakes!



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