Front Garden Rejuvenation

Since December I have been longing to open the back door and run outside with my shovel.  I have missed the garden and grew bored of looking at mulch a long time ago.  I miss it.  At the moment we have a few snowdrops (see photo at the top of the blog) and lots of promise with bulbs, but nothing to get me excited – yet.

Therefore, I jumped at the chance to help mum with a new project of window boxes at the front of the house.  We have a small garden at the front of the house which is need of quite a bit of rejuvenating.  Mum has fancied having window boxes under the window for a long time and we finally got around to getting it sorted. 

This was a whole Singer family project.  First there was the shopping for the boxes, dad then fixed brackets to the wall and then mum and I took over with the bedding plants. 


The front garden after having the brackets fixed to the wall.

Usually we would use only bedding plants but I have learnt recently how some greenery can really transform pots and planters and help to save cost in the long run (Thanks Martha).  So much to my dislike usually we chose ivy.  And for colour we chose cream primroses.  The idea being that the ivy will stay although I have given strict instructions that it must be kept in an orderly fashion(!) and the flowers will be changed with the seasons and as soon as the flowers start to look a bit rough.   I am already dreaming up ideas for Easter, Halloween when we always have loads of gourds and at Christmas.



I think they look really good.  At the side of the front door at pink primroses which have been doing really well since the beginning of January. 

There is still work to be done in the front garden but it is fun project to finally have underway.


2 thoughts on “Front Garden Rejuvenation

  1. Hi Kenn,
    The weather in London is about mid 40s give or take. We expect some sleet tomorrow but hopefully soon it will warm up properly. can’t wait to see photos of your garden soon – they always look wonderful.


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