Nada, Nothing, Zilch

This week I have nothing to say.  So far I have had a topsy turvy week of emotions.  And at the moment apart from rambling on I have nothing to blog about.  It makes me wonder if I’m not trying hard enough to come up with things for my blog, or whether I just think that no one would be  interested about hearing about a trip to see my grandfather or going shopping.

For the moment I am taking comfort that some other people in the blogging world have had a bit of a rough time too  (although have still managed to come up with interesting posts).  Erin at Elements of Style had a bit of a rough day which hopefully has calmed down now and so did Seleta

In the meantime I am aiming for a weekend of cooking and baking (with a really good Martha Mondays project to look forward to) and hopefully some gardening if it ever stops raining!



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