Springing into the garden (almost)

 We have our first sunny Sunday of the year today.  But it certainly is cold.  8C/40F! – and that is in the sun!  But I am not deterred.  Blogging is such a wonderful thing, and through Kenn and Andrew‘s blogs I found Margaret‘s blog.  In upstate New York they have had dreadful weather and I was grateful that London never sees much snow (if any).  Margaret had given her March list of things to do and that spurred me into the garden this morning. 

 I am currently taking a quick break for a cup of tea and to post this post, and get the Martha Monday’s post ready for tomorrow. 

 Soon, I will venture back into the garden.  I have already pruned the hydrangea bushes  and their buds give me hope that they will be even more beautiful than last year.  We are clearing up between the two sheds where we keep extra pots and a ledge for potting new plants and for cutting the stalks from onions and leeks before they come into the house.  The spare room/study from where I am posting from has four large trays with plants for planting into the garden soon. 


Hopefully this is the start of sunnier and possibly warmer weather over the weeks so that I can devote more time to the garden. 

So, I finish with a picture I took of the garden out of the bathroom window, and of Violet enjoying the sun. 




1 thought on “Springing into the garden (almost)

  1. Hello Pru!
    We’ve finally had sun and warmer weather here. After the winter we had, the warmth (only 50 f) feels wonderful! I spent nearly the entire day yesterday outdoors. The daffodils are emerging, the Hyacinths are poking through the ground and I even found new leaf buds on several of the roses!
    I love the sense of renewal and hope that spring brings.
    Here’s wishing you a hope for warmer, sunnier days and may your gardens renew your spirit!
    Hugs from across the pond!

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