Chocolate Chip Cookies


Colleagues at work have been doing pretty well out of me recently.  What with my sparkling personality and being a very good worker(!) my baked goods have also been a real hit and I am really pleased.  I am usually very cautious that everyone is just being nice about the cupcakes or cookies that I bring in, but it is finally dawning on me that they are good. 

So, this week I baked a batch of crunchy chocolate chip cookies.  I should say, that in an effort to watch my waistline I am following the tip of trying one (or two) and then sending to rest to friends or colleagues.  So far this is working. 


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. You are so funny! They do look delicious!

    So are English chocolate chips like American chocolate chip? Some of my favorite English chocolate bars are Flake and Aero. I would love to try your dark chocolate!

    How often do you bring baked goods to work?

  2. Hi Lyndsey,

    Well for these cookies I couldn’t find any chocolate chips so I had to use milk chocolate bars and chop them into little bits. Chocolate chips are hard to find in the shops but we sometimes have Dr Oetker ones which are always milk chocolate.

    Flakes and Aero’s are my favourites too. Have you tried a Wispa bar which is like an Aero? I would be more than happy to send some to you. Email me at if you want some sent to you.


  3. Oh, and cookies have been brought to work for the last few weeks. Either I bring the Martha Mondays projects to work or do cupcakes or cookies (from the Martha books). I seem to love baking!

  4. I bet they are delicious and a lot of it is due to your sparkling personality! They look gorgeous, so delicious and I wish I had one or two to go with my coffee this morning. Yum!

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