My take on Martha’s Jewellery Storage

Sara chose this week’s Martha Monday’s project.  When I saw the idea on how to store earrings in the March issue of Martha Stewart Living, I knew that it would not work for me.  Therefore, sadly I have not done this week’s Martha Monday’s project, but I will share my storage solutions for all of my jewellery.  I confess that I have too much of it.  I tend to wear large jewellery – long earrings, big bracelets and huge necklaces.  I have been collecting jewellery for years, although I buy new jewellery and never antique.  Friends have a saying of ‘that’s very Pru’ when they see something that they know would suit me. 
Anyway, what started with a small box of jewellery amounted into a lot more and I have had to come up with ways to store it without hiding it away or it appearing to look messy.  I therefore store my jewellery as follows:
  1. Small rings and earrings in a jewellery box. 
  2. Large rings in a china pot.
  3. Bracelets in a plastic container which is kept in one of my clothing drawers.
  4. Large earrings on a jewellery hanger.
  5. Necklaces on three hooks.
Mum bought me the jewellery hanger for Christmas and when I took it to my room I realised that I could answer the question I get all the time about how I store all my jewellery if I did a blog on it.  So here it is.  Plenty of jewellery.  Almost all of it I wear frequently although I definetly I cherish some pieces more than others, like my new Antrhopolgie necklace which I received for Christmas – thanks mum and dad.

3 thoughts on “My take on Martha’s Jewellery Storage

  1. Thanks for sharing your jewelry stoarage. I love seeing all the “Pru” like jewelry. My dad made me a very nice box that is mounted on the wall, for all my jewelry. My sister designed it, so I requested one too. Maybe I’ll show that one.

  2. Good morning Pru

    We had the same problem with jewellery storage. Most of mine was hidden in organza bags at the back of drawers or lying around tangled somewhere. With 4 teenage daughters between us the mess was multiplied! The problem became a business opportunity and finally, after many prototypes and research, Swag-bag was launched in November last year.

    Swag-bag is designed to hang over a door to organise and display all your jewellery for immediate accessorisation. It works for both traditional and chunkier, larger pieces of jewellery.

    You seem to have your storage problems pretty well solved but perhaps some of your readers would be interested in an alternative solution. Take a look at our website – we are offering 10% discount until March 20th.

    Hope this is of interest – really like the blog by the way.


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