Everything at the moment is growing.  Including my feet (which have grown by half a size which was a shock when I bought new trainers yesterday) and sadly my waistline (which I will be working on just after I have eaten my piece of toast!)

But the seeds are really growing and I will focus on that this morning.  My mum plants the seeds and much to my dislike they end up both on the windowsills in the kitchen and in the spare room/study where I am typing from now (please excuse the in need of cleaning windows and frames). 

 This year however I don’t seem to mind the seeds so much. For months I longed to get into the garden and I seem to be enjoying it so much at the moment.  I was in the garden first thing this morning as the coffee was brewing checking on my peonies, the new rose bushes and lavenders and the hydrangeas which are looking wonderful and so full of promise. 


-Tomato plants, they grew on their own and are exceptionally early-


-Stocks, which I love – I am hoping that we have them for border and cut flowers-


 -Calendula, to be planted in the vegetable box, as always-


-and finally, Cosmos for the pots-

Have you planted indoor seeds yet?  What will you be growing?


Comments make my world go round! Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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