Martha Mondays – Easter Eggs


Teresa chose this weeks project of Easter Eggs.  I was keen to try out a craft for Easter and chose to do the Origami Eggs from the April 2004 issue of Living.  Recently I have been buying lots of old issues from Ebay, and I also received a batch for Christmas.  The older issues always appeal to me as the projects seem less styled (in a good way) and much less Photoshopped. 


Anyway, Origami Eggs.  I couldn’t find any origami paper but did find pretty decopatch paper so used that.  These are a little rough around the edges (after many attempts) and there is no way that they would make the pages of a Living magazine, and will probably not be used as part of the Easter decorations in the house. 

It’s rare for me to get the glue out in our house, so I couldn’t resist glittering an egg (or two) with the Martha Stewart glitter set I received when I went to see a taping of the show in December. 


I may give these another go before Easter.  It was fun to do a craft project for a change, but I certainly need to perfect my skills in the crafting department!


9 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Easter Eggs

  1. wow what a beautiful display love daffodils with the eggs came over from Lyndseys blog so sweet for you to send the chocies I am a Brit in the US


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