Martha Mondays – Pane Integrale

It was Brette’s turn to chose the Martha Mondays project and she chose the no knead bread from the Tastemakers section of the April issue of Living.  I had been intrigued by the bread (and by all the different Tastemaker products) and I was really pleased that Brette chose this.

This bread takes 18 hours (give or take).  But it was easy.  Instead of whole-wheat flour I used Malthouse bread flour, which had wheat and rye flours and also some malted grains in it.  I already had the bread flour and the other ingredients.

 The recipe, although long, is easy to do.  We did not have a Dutch oven pan but did have a Pyrex casserole dish.  But in truth, we had been out all day and I was hungry for bread so I just chucked it on a baking tray.  Mine doesn’t look as brown as in the photos.  But it sure tasted good!



4 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Pane Integrale

  1. Everything looks wonderful! How did your bread taste? I didn’t even try, because the last time I made a no- knead bread it failed and was a big heavy lump! Then another fail this weekend when I tried to make cinnamon rolls. I just don’t think I’m a baker!

  2. Hey! I’ll try the casserole dish too. I haven’t made mine yet as my camera’s broken but am looking forward to making this.

    What did you serve with this? Lima beans, couscous, tomatoes and? Everything looks soooo good.

  3. Hi Lyndsey and Sarah,

    The bread tasted pretty good. No complaints in our house. We ate it straight from the oven and it was really nice. Mum finished eating the loaf yesterday – so it lasted 24 hours in our house!

    We ate the bread with bean salad, the couscous, corned beef, houmous and tomatoes. It wa a quick tea.

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