Waterloo to St. James’ Park Walk

The warm weather has arrived in London and I am keen to enjoy it (you never know how long it will last!).  Mum and I took the train to Waterloo and after coffee near Festival Hall we walked over Embankment Bridge to the Houses of Parliament and through to St. James’ Park.  The flower beds were glorious and I was so pleased that I had my camera with me. 

-The Houses of Parliament is one of my favourite sights in London and London first thing in the morning is best (note, its only 9.15am)-


-The tulip bed.  In the background is Horse Guards Parade-


There were so many colours of tulips, but my favourites were:

-double oranges with yellow pansies-


-double yellow tulips-


-red tulips with orange wallflowers-


-and the pink with purple pansies-


 -the blossoms were also out in force –

If you find yourself in London during April I think it would be wise to grab a coffee early and walk down to St James’s Park.  They always have beautiful flower bed displays.  And the walk through set both mum and I up for a great day.


5 thoughts on “Waterloo to St. James’ Park Walk

  1. These are lovely pictures of my favourite city in the world. I’ve been to London many times and I envy you living there. Thank you for sharing your pics, they brought back some lovely memories for me.

  2. Pru, I love that last photo it’stunning! I do miss seeing all the tulips in bloom. You got some great pictures, I’m glad you had your camera with you too.

    I was just thinking about you as I was thoroughly enjoying my Green & Black ginger mini chocolate bar. Thanks again!

  3. So lovely, Pru. I miss England. I was there for the summer of 2005, went up to Scotland and went all over London and the surrounding ‘shires.’ Your photos make me want to visit again!

  4. Hi Pru!! I was just reading through some old blog entries of mine and found one where you commented and realized I’d never really “replied”. I wanted to let you know how much your comment meant to me. 🙂 And how glad I am that you did comment! I love knowing people read what I’m writing!

    So thank you…

    I LOVE London. I’m jealous you live there!! I’ve been to London 3 times and probably many more times to come.

    I particularly love your photo of the flowers with Horse Guards Parade in the back. So quintessentially London. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

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