Perfecting – Wrapping a Present

The aim of this blog is to document my life but also to ‘perfect’ certain things.  I am so inspired by other blogs who seem to have everything together and maintain a home, job, cooking and kids, and I find that apart from a job and looking after myself I don’t have any of those things to look after – yet.  Therefore my new aim is to ‘perfect’ as many things as I can to become more confident in myself and my abilities.  First up wrapping a present.

Now, it would be a complete lie to say that I have never wrapped a present before or that I don’t think that I nearly have this mastered – in fact I love wrapping presents.  But I needed to wrap a present and thought that this would be the ideal time to perfect my skills and take my care and attention with it.  It took me over 20 minutes to do – a record!

So here, goes:

The present was a Body Shop set (Moringa which is a beautiful scent).  I thought that this would be a simple box to wrap, but in fact the box is not completely square as one side is a bit bigger.  I had the paper and tissue which I bought from Paperchase (and by coincide they matched – the only other tissue I had was left over from Halloween – black and orange). Usually I keep some paper on hand and then buy special paper as and when. 

I got to work with tissue papering the present and then wrapping the present – making sure to fold over the top edge.  I trimmed the paper on the edges as I went, tucking in the sides first and then the top and then the bottom.  I always used to do the sides last but learnt last Christmas that this was not correct.  This way does make the present look prettier and neater.


Then finally, the ribbon.  We keep a small box with ribbons and tags in.  Some ribbons are leftover from Christmas. 

I chose green and purple curling ribbon as they matched the paper and a pink label.

I was pleased with the finished present.  I am happy to say that I have perfected wrapping a present and look forward to perfecting something else.

Ideas are very much welcomed!


Comments make my world go round! Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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