Martha Mondays – One-Bowl Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Frosting

Brette chose this week’s Martha Mondays project and I was glad that she chose the One-Bowl Chocolate Cake as I had been eyeing it up and needed a good excuse to bake it.  It was worth it too – this cake is wonderful.  The recipe was simple to make and although I substituted vegetable oil for the safflower oil (as I didn’t have any) the other ingredients were quite simple, with just a trip to the supermarket for buttermilk.  The cakes were cooked in the 35 minutes and came out well.

The frosting had me use three bowls.  A one bowl cake and then frosting which requires so much washing up had me a little annoyed.  But the frosting was lovely.  I had far too much and currently some is sitting in a bowl in the fridge just in case I decide to do some more baking this week (maybe cupcakes).  I liked that the frosting had a slight sourness to it, but if I made it again I would omit the cocoa – it was too chocolatey for me. 



But the cake is a winner.  It looks great and it takes wonderful.  The rest will be gobbled up by my colleagues tomorrow who I am sure will agree with the team at Martha Stewart Living that this is the best chocolate cake.  Thanks for a great task Brette!


3 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – One-Bowl Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Frosting

  1. The cakes looks delicious! The chocolate frosting looks so good. Wish I baked it this weekend, but I’m trying to cut back after packing on a few pounds this winter. Knowing me, I’d eat the entire cake!

  2. Beautiful cake Pru! Isn’t just like Martha to get you using all those bowls on something! I am tempted to still make this cake, but not sure on the frosting. We don’t eat that many sweets. I could bring it into work like you do, but the nurse I work with is borderline diabetic, and it’s Administrative Professionals week here at school so lots of treats for the office staff. It sounds like a lot of excuses doesn’t it? ‘ll let you know if I make it. Nice job on yours!

  3. Pru your pictures and that cake are so pretty. I’m looking forward to making this but I’m saving it for a special occasion. With cake in the house, I’m likely to eat it all ;o)
    The leftover frosting wouldn’t last long at our house either.

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