Martha Mondays – Sirloin Salad with Cilantro

I was pleased that Sarah from Mum in Bloom chose a meal instead of a pudding for her pick for Martha Mondays.  This was something completely new for me, as I had never cooked steak before (we never have steak usually in our house).  The marinade was easy to make, but I was unable to find Champagne Vinegar in two supermarkets so I used what I had and used Red Wine Vinegar instead. 

The steak cooked easily but I cooked it more than it suggested as we like our meat to be completely cooked.  After reading other comments, I added salad and potato wedges to the dinner.

We all really liked this.  The flavours were lovely and it was easy to do.  I will be saving this recipe and doing it again – hopefully cooking the steak on the barbecue when/if the weather heats up!  Thanks Sarah for a great pick.


5 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Sirloin Salad with Cilantro

  1. Looks like a great meal. We like our steak medium rare, and I added more greens too after the photo. I served it with green beans and yuca fries. We are lucky to be able to grill year round here.

    Funny, usually you are the first one to post your MM, and I usually read everyones comments first. 😀

  2. Looks great! You mean, you guys never have steak? Oh my gosh… I look at the cows across the street and think yummy! Poor things ;o) Love the potatoes wedges and would love the recipe. I made some that were too spicey last week and would love to try something else. Great photos 🙂

  3. We loved this recipe too. I cant imagine not making steak. It’s my favorite meat. Glad it turned out good for you. The oictures are delicious!

  4. Usually I am the first to put the project on my blog (the joy of a time difference) but this Monday was a Bank Holiday so I did it on Monday night for dinner. Usually I do the project on Saturday or Sunday.

    In our house we try not to eat too much meat, and are continually told how bad red meat is, but I think we will be having steak for this salad again – and soon.

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