The Wolseley

If you are anything like me, then you have lots of lists.  Lists of things that you need to do, things to read, things to buy, recipes to try and places to visit.  But I am keen to start ‘living’ more and there seemed to be no better day to start than May 1st.  Each year I am reminded of my struggle to maintain my sanity and composure in the two months leading up to May 1st  three years ago but I survived and therefore I always celebrate this date and reflect on how I overcame the situation and became the stronger and more confident person that I am today. (Incidentally during this time, I bought my first Martha Stewart Living magazine – another reason to celebrate!) 

My reward last year was fancy cakes, but this year it was decided that it was time to tick something off of the ‘places to see’ list.  And as we had just finished a six day ‘Diet from Hell’ we were all in need of a treat.  And that treat was breakfast at  The Wolseley – a restaurant in Piccadilly, London which opened in 2003.    It opened to rave reviews, and continues to be known for fabulous service and great food (friends were extremely envious).  The building is extremely grand (previously being a car showroom and then a bank before being transformed back to its original glory).  I have been longing to visit for a few years.  The Wolseley is famous for breakfast, so at 9.30 last Saturday we found ourselves there for a wonderful breakfast. 

The interior is beautiful –  (unfortunately they do not allow photographs).  Although I was dissappointed not to be able to take a photo of my French toast with creme fraiche and blueberries I enjoyed my genteel breakfast with my family.  Mum had the mixed basket of pastries and dad had the English breakfast. 

Booking is advised but some tables are held for walk-ins.  The service is wonderful, friendly but very efficient.  All of the fellow diners seemed to enjoy their food and I think were in awe of the restaurant as we were.   If you find yourself in London for a holiday I urge you to book a table – it isn’t cheap, but it is worth forgoing a few cups of Starbucks and a croissant for the enjoyment of an hour and a half spent here.  Also, I am more than happy to accompany anyone to The Wolseley – just to check that the French toast and cappuccino are still up to par!


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