Election Day and Rainbow Cake

Its Election Day!  A month ago I couldn’t wait for this day to come, but now it is here, I wonder what I will do without continual commentary of three men running around the country kissing babies and calling old women ‘that woman’ and ‘bigot’! 


We will go out to vote once I return from work and then we are going for a meal as a family.  I have always voted (both Council and Parliamentary) and I am very vocal of my disapproval of people who don’t vote.   I am planning to stay up and watch the results with  mum tonight.  Polling finishes at 10.00pm and results will start to come in soon after.  Hopefully I will manage a few minutes of sleep before work on Friday. 


In the Richmond area there are only two possibilities for an MP.  Susan Kramer who is currently our MP and is for the Liberal Democrat Party or Zac Goldsmith who is the Conservative candidate.  Campaining has been on three main issues – parking charges in Richmond Park, the proposed third runway at Heathrow and the closure of part of our local hospital.  Its a strange campaign as they both agree that none of these things should happen!


So, in honour of Election Day and because everyone is baking Rainbow Cake, I thought that it would be a good idea especially as nearly every colour in the cake represents one party or another.  The recipe I used was from the Martha show and it was easy to make.  I used buttercream icing instead of the meringue icing as it was too time consuming.  For the colours I used both paste and water colourings and will be switching to paste from now on as they are easier to use. 






2 thoughts on “Election Day and Rainbow Cake

  1. Beautiful cake Pru, wow I’m impressed. I was going to tell you that Megan made one too, but she popped in here herself.

    I think it’s a shame that people who can vote, don’t. It seems such a waste not to.

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