This past week I have been having really vivid dreams – not getting a pay rise whilst everyone else in the company did and another where I was having to crawl up a hill whilst everyone else walked (as I couldn’t manage to stand up), but last night I dreamt of owning my own bakery.  To be fair, I know how I had this dream – the film Its Complicated has just been released on DVD and there is a wonderful bakery/cafe in the film. 


As you know, friends and family eat the cake that I cook as although I am tempted to eat it all, it is kind to share.  Last week I did the rainbow cake which had wonderful reviews and lots of comments of ‘you should have your own business’.  Are they right?  Should I seriously think about owning a bakery business?  It is fair to say that recently the recipes that I have followed have come out really well.  Even I was surprised.  Last weekend I made a chocolate cake for a friend’s Father In Law’s 65th birthday and they all loved it. 


So, at the moment, all I can think of is baking my way through life, being drenched in flour and cocoa powder whilst breaking an egg with one hand. 


Pictures of my dream cafe below (from It’s Complicated):



5 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. I’ve thought about doing this too. My husband used to try to convince me I should open a restaurant. At one point I thought about selling baked goods to local restaurants and farm stands – the only thing that stopped me was the health inspection requirements. Here at least you can’t do it from a home kitchen. For me, I’ve instead been writing about food and have a book coming out next year and am hoping to sell another one after that. I think that you should follow your dreams!

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