My life is currently in the way of me blogging.  This week has been pretty busy, but its not what I consider ‘bloggable’.  For instance, last night I had my haircut but I don’t think a photo would be necessary, and my cooking disaster from my new favourite cookbook ‘Plenty‘ didn’t even get to stage two before it was thrown out, so that wasn’t bloggable either.

But next week, there will be things to blog, and the main one will be the Moonwalk.  I will have photos from me being a volunteer (in one of the best spots in London – along the South Bank).  I have done this walk twice (all 26.2 miles) and mum has done it five times.  But this time we are volunteering.  Expect great photos of London at night, women (and me) in decorated bras and possibly me with no makeup on!


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