Martha Mondays – Potato and Zucchini Hash

This week’s challenge was chosen by Karen.  I was pleased with this recipe as I had never cooked any sort of hash before.  I don’t usually get the Everyday Food magazine so Brette kindly sent me the recipe.  I will be looking to see how everyone else did theirs as I am not sure if mine looked as it should have.


The recipe was easy to do.  I just had to buy the courgette (zucchini).  I wonder if my potato pieces were too large, as it took slightly longer for this to cook.  I did add a little butter at the end of cooking to give it some more flavour.  I am not keen on fried eggs (especially sunny side-up as I prefer my eggs to be pretty rock hard) so instead I served it with bacon. 


Mum and I both liked it.  Thanks Karen for a great pick.  I will be making this again.

5 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Potato and Zucchini Hash

  1. I think it looks good. If the potatoes took longer, maybe make them smaller, but I think the zucchini would cook quicker no matter what. So probably just add the zucchini later. I feel the same way about runny eggs….gotta have them cooked through!

  2. Yours looks good and serving it with bacon was a good solution. Mine took a bit longer to cook as well and I ended up adding some more oil near the end since it seemed dry to me. I’d never heard the word courgette before!

  3. Yours came out so well! Mine burned a bit because I cut my onion too small. It was nice to have something simple and easy, though. I finally made time to get one done 🙂

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