The London Moonwalk 2010

The Playtex Moonwalk took place on Saturday night (15th) and mum and I volunteered a night’s sleep to cheer on the 15,000 people taking part.  Both mum and I have done the walk before – I have done the full Moonwalk (26 miles) twice and mum has done the full Moonwalk five times!  I am in awe of her.  

 The Moonwalk raises money for breast cancer.  They hold walks in London, Bristol and Edinburgh and then people also raise money for the charity throughout the year taking part in runs such as the London Marathon and the New York Marathon.  The Charity (Walk the Walk) has in twelve years raised £55 million.  More information on the Moonwalk and Walk the Walk can be found here.

The tent in Hyde Park.  Its the only pink tent in the country.  Lots of people were beginning to line up to enter the tent.


A very usual sight on this Saturday night.  If you are ever in town on Moonwalk night it is worth making the trip into Hyde Park to see everyone dressed up.  I always get very emotional when I see everyone doing their bit for such a worthwhile cause.


We had to register at 9.00pm for our volunteering.  Some volunteers had been setting up from lunchtime on Saturday, and some would not finish their volunteering until lunchtime on Sunday.  Jobs range from handing out space blankets, food and water, to being a route marshall (like me), to manning the loos (been there, done that, never again please!) to the best job of handing out the medals at the end.


The queue was long to have your photo taken, lots waited, and they looked great.

-There are so many different costumes.  Some people wear the t-shirt with the pink bra, but many others wore the bra that they had decorated, and some had tutus, bells, tassles and headdresses-

Walkers receive either a pasta or rice meal.  In the volunteers tent there was soup and sandwiches.

Our position was at mile ten – right along the South Bank under the London Eye.  The past two times when I have volunteered I have been at mile 15 in Battersea Park – this was definently a better place to be!


See my happy face?  This was taken just before the first walker – about 12.45am


It was so busy after that, that I didn’t get time to take any photographs of the walkers apart from a couple that were very blurry due to the speed at which they walk.  The idea is to do 15 minute miles throughout the entire walk.


Our last walker came through mile ten at 4.30am.  And then we were done.  We had the option to be driven back to Hyde Park or make our own way home.  So mum and I decided to walk along the river a bit and then head home. 


The sun rising over St. Pauls Cathedral. 


A general view looking east. 


And a few minutes later, the sun was further in the sky.  This is my favourite photo that I have taken since having my camera.


After taking photos mum and I walked into Leicester Square, went to the only place open – MacDonalds, rested for a few minutes whilst eating a McMuffin and having a very strong cup of coffee before taking the night bus home.  We slept for two hours and then blearily got on with our Sunday!


2 thoughts on “The London Moonwalk 2010

  1. Hi Pru
    I have just found your blog after you commented on Martha’s blog. I am reading back through your old posts. I loved this story about the moonwalk. And your photos really captured the beauty of the early morning as the world awakes. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.

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