An Evening at Petersham Nurseries

Today, the 27th should be the day that I put up a post on the wonderful Daring Bakers task that I have completed.  But I am late, and will probably do it this weekend.  Currently mum has the flu and a chest infection and my spare time is taken up playing nurse and maid and dog walker and cleaner!

So instead, you get an article on the gorgeous Petersham Nurseries, which are I am so grateful to live close by to.

An article in the Evening Standard paper caught my eye the other week.  It was an event being held at Petersham Nurseries, and for £5 you could enjoy a glass of wine, canapes and see demonstrations on how to plant containers and hanging baskets.  This was too good an opportunity to miss. 

The nursery is split into three greenhouses along with a large vegetable garden which is used by the cafe. 

I loved the anenomes growing in between the vegetables. 

Petersham Nurseries has earned a great reputation for being a wonderful garden centre along with a fantastic (if not extremely expensive) cafe run by Skye Gyngell.  I have to say that the canapes offered were just vegetables – great big hunks of potato, asparagus or fennel, and despite being starving, I was not inclined to try them.  Instead I enjoyed a very nice glass of wine instead.

The nursery had lots of unusual containers planted with flowers.  This bath tub had roses, hollyhocks and runner beans!

The hanging basket demonstration was hosted by Ronnie one of the gardeners who ten days before hand made this stunning basket ready for the Chelsea Flower Show next week.

I learnt quite a lot, namely to build up the basket so that plants are not all on one level at the top and I will certainly be experimenting with different plants this year – I loved the ferns and use of herbs. 

With 15% on the night, mum and I bought white Abunda for the baskets and I bought a white china cake stand which I am sure will come in handy very soon!  I could have spent a long time (and a lot of money) in the shop, but I am looking forward to another visit soon. 

We left very happy (if not ravenous!) and cannot wait to get going on our own hanging baskets soon.

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