Martha Mondays – Caramalised Onion Dip

Megan chose this week’s project and it is our first time of doing a dip.  Brette kindly sent me the recipe as the June issue will not be out for another week or so. 


This was easy to do.  I only used three onions (but they were pretty large).  It was nice to do a recipe that only used two bowls and something that required no sifting!  I really like the dip.  Our house is still like a hospital whilst mum recovers from the flu and a chest infection which has seen her out of action for nearly two weeks.  But she is getting better and very slowly regaining her appetite.  I will use the rest of the dip as a sauce for some pasta that I am about to have.  Sadly having this dip in the house I find myself reaching for tortilla chips!

Thanks for a great pick Megan. 


1 thought on “Martha Mondays – Caramalised Onion Dip

  1. Sorry your mum has been so sick! We’ve had a nasty cold virus going through our house. Your dip looks lovely. Putting it on pasta is a great idea. And your photo is beautiful as always!

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