Wisteria and the view from Richmond Hill

As part of trying to perfect myself, I am keen to do as much as possible.  I had the opportunity the other Saturday morning to go into Richmond where I work to take some photos of the beautiful wisteria growing up a building on Richmond Green which I work extremely close to and then to take the walk up to the top of Richmond Hill to admire the view, something which I have not done for many years, but will certainly become a regular feature of my year.


The view from Richmond Hill has appeared in many poems including this from Charles P. Moritz, whose impressions are recorded in his Travels in England in 1782:

“The terrace at Richmond does assuredly afford one of the finest prospects in the world. Whatever is charming in nature or pleasing in art, is to be seen here: nothing I had ever seen or ever can see elsewhere, is to be compared to it.”


Canoists enjoying the warm May morning. 

Ham House in the distance which is open to the public was built in 1610. 


It was definently worth the walk.




2 thoughts on “Wisteria and the view from Richmond Hill

  1. These are gorgeous photos! I have a wisteria bush in my yard and it just flowered for the first time last year. This year I had quite a few blooms and was quite excited by it!

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