Martha Mondays – Turkey Burgers

I love it when it is my pick for Martha Mondays, although then I am weighed down by fear that no one will like my pick – like the pasta with brussels sprouts which I loved but everyone else pretty much hated. 

But I had faith in these burgers, and decided on something summery and easy – and turkey burgers with sour cream, mango chutney and mustard mixed in seemed like a pretty good idea.  The problem is, if you are anything like our household you will have disliked these burgers. 

I have a few issues:

1.  We couldn’t taste the mustard.

2.  We couldn’t taste the mango chutney.

3.  These burgers had so much juice that they swam around on the baking tray and had to be moved to the grill pan.

These were so disappointing.  They had no flavour at all.  Even the mixture of chutney and mustard didn’t help them that much.  If I made them again (and I won’t be) I wouldn’t bother with the bread or the sour cream as I reckon they muted any flavour. 


I am so sorry if you made these and didn’t like them either.   Hopefully you enjoyed a glass of Pimms with your dinner and that made everything a bit better like I did!


9 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Turkey Burgers

  1. You’re funny. We certainly don’t blame you for MS lousy recipes. Who’d of thought with sour cream and chutney it wouldn’t have much flavor?

    I didn’t read my choice all the way through when I choose the quinoa thingy, I was wavering between quinoa burgers or that apricot thingy. I knew I wanted to use quinoa (which I love) I felt bad if it was so expensive. I get mine in a bulk store so I can buy only a cup if that’s what I need. Anyway….

    I have my stuff all ready to make them, but we got busy with things so I’m going to make them tomorrow. Now I’m in a dilemma….should I change the recipe again? You know you’re my guinea pig…hehe!

    Congratulations on your first year as a blogger! I’m happy I found it here!

  2. Pru, I’m the same way as you, my first pick is coming up in a couple of weeks and I’m already worried no one will like it, lol.

    Well I have to agree with you on these burgers. Mine were so bad they went into the garbage and I didn’t even get a decent pic so I’m not even going to post about them. They were SO wet, they just all fell apart so I added more bread but that didn’t do much for the flavour. I had high hopes as I have quite a few very good turkey burger recipes, but these fell flat. Not your fault in any way, just not a good recipe.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the others make out. Have a great week!

  3. Thanks Lyndsey and Brenda for your kind words. Brette found that hers tasted too much of chutney – which I would have found wonderful! Oh well, I look forward to next week’s challenge!

  4. Oh my gosh, you shouldn’t worry about people liking your pick! I think it’s fun to just try new things and if it is a disaster, it’s just a learning experience. I don’t think anyone is grumbling about people choosing things that don’t turn out! I am always absolutely amazed at how many Martha recipes are complete disasters – and there is often no way to predict how they are going to turn out! I thought this was a great pick and I loved the idea b/c it was just so English with the chutney!

    I agree they didn’t have a lot of flavor, but I think the bread and sour cream made them have a nice texture.

    Mine tasted too much like chutney – but I could only find hot mango chutney and chutney is not something I’m accustomed to eating, so the flavor really stood out for me.

  5. I loved the pasta and brussel sprouts! Only reason I didn’t make Martha’s turkey burgers is that I had a bad experience once with another recipe — I ended up putting in way too much garlic in the burgers. Now my hubby and I can’t stand turkey burgers. Love your burger picture, by the way.

  6. Love that beer in the backround. We have turkey burgers for dinner all the time -minus the bread- If you mix enough stuff in them they come out pretty good. The trick I think is to get ground turkey that has both breast and thigh meat in it. That way it’s more flovorful. I didn’t use the mango in mine because I knew that my folks would not like it. I’ve seen recipes for grilled meat though that use mango chutney as a topping. I’m looking forward to picking a recipe… and I’m nervous about it too!

  7. Thanks for the comment Ana. It can be hard to find minced turkey at the butcher so mine came from the supermarket. I had such high hopes for this one, but it wasn’t to be.

    Your pick will be great. Its always fun to try something new, and sometimes when it doesn’t work out for any of us it is more fun – at least mine weren’t the only wet burgers!

    • Thanks for being so confident about my recipe pick to come. We will have to wait and see, though. I get my ground turkey at the supermarket too. I have looked at ground turkey breast, and it has 1.5% fat in it. Then there’s another kind that says “ground lean turkey,” and has 7% fat, so that’s why I assume it is breast and thigh meat combined. Another brand available has 17% fat. The higher fat content, the more flavor it has, so the choice depends on dietary reasons. Anyway, I didn’t make carmel corn this weekend because we were cooking for father’s day. Pru, last night I dreamt of Jamie Oliver, the chef. I could only see him from the waist up. He was cute as always. Then the camera showed the rest of his body and his buttocks were as large as my car, and he was wearing orange pants! I hope you don’t think I am weird for sharing this, or for dreaming it… Today this seems funny, but in the dream I felt soo bad for poor Jamie. I hope he’s OK.

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