Martha Monday’s – Caramel Corn

Teresa chose Caramel Corn from the July issue of Living and Brette kindly sent me the recipe, as the July issue will arrive in the UK in July and not a moment before so I don’t fully know what this should have looked like but I assume a bit like Poppycock Popcorn. 


For the record, after seeing this recipe I had to put my diet on hold for another week, but I think it was worth it.  I never make popcorn, in fact I never really have it, preferring sweets to popcorn when I go to the cinema. 


Anyway, I popped my corn and had six cups so I halved the recipe.  This was easy to make.  I even had some corn syrup in the cupboard.  I found that when I poured the caramel on the popcorn that it was hard to distribute, and halfway through baking I made some more caramel as there just didn’t seem to be enough.


The result : wonderful.  Dad thankfully ate most of what I put out and I am sure that he will demolish the rest whilst watching football tonight.  I ate some of it, and liked it (so I have stayed away from it – the last thing I need is a few more pounds to shift!)


This was a great pick Teresa.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Martha Monday’s – Caramel Corn

  1. Looks beautiful! Perfect that dad ate it on Father’s Day! At least it’s Father’s day here!

    Megan, there’s still time. I make popcorn on the stovetop all the time now. My daughter even says this is way better than microwave popcorn. I’m not sure about caarmel corn though…

  2. Hi Lyndsey, It looked (and tasted) a lot better than the photo shows. But it is definitely not a great one if you are dieting. I am thinking of making this as gifts at Christmas.

    And it was Father’s Day here too, so dad had an extra treat with the popcorn.

  3. It was pretty evil in terms of a diet, that’s for sure. Mine turned out darker, but I used dark brown sugar instead of light since that was all I had. I want to try the recipe for maple kettle corn that was in the June issue as well since that sounds pretty good too. I agree that popcorn does taste better if you make it on the stove.

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