Martha Mondays Coconut Cream Pie

I’m not a great fan of coconut, it always gets stuck in my teeth!  However, this recipe may change all of that.  This is a winner. 

We don’t have anything like coconut cream pie in the UK, so it was great to try a proper American dessert which was chosen by Brenda.  First off, I watched the video attached to this link so that I new what I was doing.  This helped alot.  It was actually pretty easy.  I baked the coconut whilst the crust was in the freezer but that was the only change that I made. 

The pressed-in crust.  It had a great saltiness to it.

The coconut custard added and then sprinkled with toasted coconut.

Then whipped cream added and topped with more coconut. 

The final shot – I was too busy eating to take a photo of a slice – sorry!

Mum loved it, dad loved it and I loved it.  A complete winner.  I will be making this again as soon as there is a need for a special dessert.


4 thoughts on “Martha Mondays Coconut Cream Pie

  1. Yes, it looks great. Nice photos here! I love coconut, but not a big fan of custards or cream pies. I might give it a go, but I think it would go to waste at out house. I can’t bring it in to work because schools out for summer! Nice that a recipe was actually easy to make!

  2. Oh it looks so pretty! I love love your first photo. I’m glad it was a sucess and I was sorry to miss this one. I cook on the fly in the summer when kids are everywhere during their vacation so haven’t been able to participate in Martha Mondays.

    Have I told you how much I love that first picture yet?

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