Caramalised Garlic Tart

‘I think this is the most delicious recipe in the world’ wrote a tester for this recipe.  And I happen to agree. 

This recipe comes from Yotam Ottolenghi’s second cookbook ‘Plenty’ my newest cookbook.  Yotam owns four shops in London called Ottolenghi (I have visited the Kensington one and have loved everything that I have tried).  As soon as I saw the photo and the recipe I knew that I would be making it very soon.  In fact though, it has taken me a month to get around to make – something that I am kicking myself for now. 

Three heads of garlic all peeled.  I took out as many of the green middles as I could without breaking the cloves.

Simmering in the water with oil, balsamic vinegar, sugar and herbs.  They continued to cook until they were dark and syrupy.

The recipe calls for two types of goats cheese – hard and soft.  When I make this again I will just use soft goats cheese, as the flavour and texture of the cheese was not  strong enought to require both.

I carefully spooned the cream and egg mixture into the case trying to avoid the cheese and garlic as much as possible.

The finished article.  The photo isn’t the best I admit, but this tart is wonderful.

The garlic is subtle and sweet (no smelly breath afterwards) and this was polished off by the three of us in one sitting.  I’m tempted to make another one.  I urge you to try this and then let me know if you loved it as much as me!

5 thoughts on “Caramalised Garlic Tart

  1. i love ottolenghi! i went to his shop in london – belgravia few weekes ago and bought a lovely box full of delicious veggies! i hope to be back soon to london and repeat this adorable experience!
    your blog is cute! see you soon,

  2. Awesome!!! I am amazed with how good garlic tastes when it’s pre cooked. Will be making this as I have some puff pastry in the fridge. Thanks!

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