Taking a break

I don’t know if it’s because my horoscope told me to look after myself this week, or whether it’s because my boss is on holiday for two weeks and I am finally finding the time to breath, or whether it is because I took this stress test on Oprah and got 16 out of 20 (which is really bad – you are aiming for 0 out of 20) but I am worn out.

I just cannot do it.  And its not due to going out too much, or getting to bed late, I am truly tired.

Heartbreakingly (to me) I answered ‘true’ to these questions:

  •  I often eat lunch at my desk, if I eat lunch at all (which is very true – as I am eating lunch at my desk now and typing!)
  • I don’t have enough time with my family and loved ones, and when I’m with them, I’m not always really with them.
  • I often feel that my life is just a relentless set of demands I’m expected to meet and tasks I have to complete.
  • There are significant gaps between what I say is important in my life and how I actually live.

That is why, for a little while I am stopping.  I have two days off next week (Monday and Tuesday) and my plan is to step back to the computer on Wednesday morning.  I need time to reflect on how I can change some of those answers above (and the other 12 that I am too tired to type).

If you are reading this, have a wonderful weekend and I will be back on Wednesday with hopefully a post on some little changes I have made and the fun I had with my days off.


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