Chewy Choc-Chunk Cookies

My three days away from the computer have been wonderful.  The first day though I admit, I was very keen to switch the computer on and check my emails and my horoscope but I resisted and have really loved not thinking about what new posts I have missed or what crazy news articles I haven’t read yet.  Instead I focused on myself and my family and things that I needed to do at home like sorting out a heap of clothes, and ordering a new mattress, getting a haircut (long overdue) and having a wonderful relaxing lunch with my mum yesterday. 

But sitting at the computer now, I feel fully refreshed which is amazing considering the temperature is in the high 80s and I have been standing next to the oven for about an hour. 

 I have been planning to make chocolate chip cookies ever since Lyndsey so kindly sent me a box of goodies including chocolate chips (which are very hard to find in the UK).  I was tempted just to scoff the bag of them, but realised that more people could enjoy them if I made cookies.

Mix 2 eggs with 300g brown sugar, add 125ml vegetable oil and 1tsp vanilla extract.  Sift in 260g flour, 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda and mix well.  Then add 120g raisins and 260g chocolate chips.  Chill for half an hour.  This mixture requires you to roll the cookies and flatten into 2 inch rounds – the mixture was quite oily and a bit messy.  Cook in the oven at 180c for ten minutes.


Thank you Lyndsey for getting me to try this recipe.  I will certainly be making these in future.  I will be back and checking in on everyone in a minute, it’s good to get a break but it is great to be back with friends.


8 thoughts on “Chewy Choc-Chunk Cookies

  1. They look wonderful Pru! I’m glad you got a chance to enjoy them. I really need to do the same thing just break away from the computer and sort through many things! It’s nice to have you back though!

  2. I didn’t know chocolate chips were hard to find in the UK! I’m glad you enjoyed your little break – it is amazing how energized you can feel when you get time away from the comptuer. I try to completely unplug when we go on vacation (holiday) and when I come back I realize it has done me a world of wonders to have that break.

    Your cookies look wonderful. We make chocolate chip a lot and my tip is to make them, then refrigerate for 36 hours, then bake. It drastically improves the cookies – you won’t believe how much better they can be!

  3. Pru,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed your time away. We all need time to pause and refresh ourselves!
    Your cookies look absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to try the recipe!

    PS: A little ‘something’ is on it’s way to you!

  4. Hello, Pru! Greetings from a computer addict, who goes on withdrawl when there isn’t one around. However, I am glad that you feel refreshed and have caught up with other things in your life. How do you like your haircut? And… if you like walnuts, try adding them to chocolate chip cookies. People here take sides: with nuts, without, with raisins, with everything, etc., etc. I’m in with the walnut crowd.

    • Hi Ana,

      I found that my first day back on the computer saw me clicking on every link and checking out nearly all of the blogs. But I am going to try and be a bit restrained.

      I am loving my new haircut – a longish bob, but I have done away with the hair straightners and I am wearing it with more of its natural wave with some curls at the bottom. The recipe did call for pecans and white chocolate chips but as I had neither of these I upped the chocolate and raisin quantity. I will try walnuts next time. They went down a storm at work!


  5. The cookies looks delicious! I know what you mean about needing a break. Sometimes you have to live life I found. I dont know how some of the people do it. I see them comment on all the blogs, new posts 3 times a week, and play on facebook and twitter. How do they ever get their laundry done???
    Glad your back and feel refreshed!

    • Thanks Megan. I too am in awe at people who manage to continually post new things. But I decided when I took my ‘vacation’ to focus on a few posts a week that are really good rather than trying to do loads of them.

      I hope you are well.


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