Decluttering {Part 1 of probably 100} – The Vanity

One of my favourite blogs, Simply Seleta, had a great post recently on vanities (including the wonderful photo below).  They were so perfect and uncluttered that I thought it was high time that I tackled my vanity space. 


-via Seleta’s blog (photo from Domino magazine)-

Now, it would be mad to think that I have been able to follow the examples that well.  For starters, I live in a house with two other people (hi mum and dad!) and with only one bathroom there is only so much stuff I can cram into the cupboard, so whilst I can get away with a fair few bottles of shampoo and lotions and potions, the majority of things need to stay in my room. 

It turns out that for one person who hasn’t done a major cosmetics/toiletries shopping spree for quite a while I had quite a lot of crap, and so I did a major cull.  Who knew that there really is no need for two things of hand cream on my vanity shelf, as well as the four things of hand cream on my bedside table (and not mentioning the two sets of hand cream I keep on my desk at work!)?  And I don’t even moisturise my hands that much!  


So here is the before photo (this was just before I started cleaning so the floor cleaner doesn’t usually sit there!): 


And the after photo:


Some things had to stay, like cleanser and deodrants which I am containing in a pretty cracked blue dish which I bought last year on holiday.   I used the idea from Kevin Sharkey of keeping items in little pots so my cotton buds are now kept in a candle holder. 


 My jewellery area was pretty sorted out, but I added hooks to the wall for two of my corsages (the pink one I picked up yesterday from Anthropologie).

It may not be as perfect like in the photos on the internet or in magazines, but in my reality its pretty perfect now. 



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