Martha Mondays – Wholewheat Brownies

Its Bank Holiday Monday (our August Bank Holiday) which I think is to celebrate the last of the summer, but it seems more like we should be celebrating the beginning of autumn.  Its getting pretty chilly.


Brette chose this week’s recipe as the person who should have picked didn’t get in touch with Brette (naughty, naughty!).  If you would like to join Martha Mondays head on over to Martha & Me and get in touch with Brette, it really is good fun seeing how everyone gets on with the recipes. 


This recipe required applesauce and after researching this a bit on the internet as we don’t use applesauce that often over here, I made this with two cooking apples and a little water and a squeeze of lemon juice.  I was tempted to add sugar but I was pleased that I didn’t as a cup full of brown sugar was added to the brownie mixture.   The applesauce is then mixed in with melted chocolate and butter and then the dry ingredients are added. 



I am sitting at the computer now with chocolate covered fingers and a chocolate covered mouth.  The fact that the brownie is still warm makes it even more appealing, but the light taste of applesauce makes this heavenly.  This is a wonderful recipe which I am sure my work colleagues will enjoy as much as me tomorrow.


Thanks for a wonderful pick Brette, this is a keeper!


2 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Wholewheat Brownies

  1. It always amazes me to learn that common food items here are not common there, and vice versa! I’m glad you enjoyed these! I love knowing that you almost always are able to participate and look forward to seeing your results.

  2. I too loved these brownies. They were so easy to make, and they had a very nice taste. I’m trying to lose weight… What am I going to do with a pan full of brownies sitting in my fridge? Looks as though I’m taking them to work just as you are.

    Sorry you had trouble finding apple sauce… It is such a common ingredient over here. There are some very large apple growing regions both on the east and west coast of the US, and I think apple sauce is so plentiful because something has to be done with the bruised apples. Good for babies, too.

    Thank you for your comment about the Apricot Cornish game hens. Yes, they were good. Total silence reigned as we were eating them.

    Take care Pru!

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