Wisley in the Summer

On a quest to buy spring bulbs and rose bushes, last Saturday mum and I returned to Wisley, a Royal Horticultural Society Garden to visit their garden centre. 


I realised as we arrived that I hadn’t posted any photos of our trip to Wisley Gardens back in July.  How stupid, this has been my favourite excursion of the whole summer.  I spent most of my time with my camera lens focused on the most beautiful flower beds and flowers.  


The trials fields where beds were laid out with sweet peas, clematis, poppies, pumpkins and rhubarb was amazing, I had never seen such variety before.  There is also an orchard where apples and pears were growing extremely well (when mum and I returned the other day the apples were for sale in the garden centre).


Wisley for me is the perfect gardens to visit if you are in London – miss Kew Gardens and head for Wisley, for in the summer this is the perfect way to see an English garden at its best.  The gardens are large, and a whole day is required for a visit. 


Here are my favourite 11 photos from our trip.  The rest are on Flickr if you want to have a look.





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