Dilly Dallying

Sometimes I think too much about posting something on here.  My own blog.  It’s mad.  A friend enquired the other day for the name of my blog and I refused to give it to them for fear that they would find it too silly and generally a bit lame.  ‘Perfecting Pru’ is never how I want it to be, and if you have been looking at it for a while you will see that I am far from perfecting much.

Currently, my wish is to perfect a good night’s sleep.  I had this perfected a long time ago.  My head would hit the pillow and my eyes would only open when the alarm went off in the morning, but for the last four days (and a bit longer besides) I have not been getting decent sleep.  And today I am worn out.  My eyes are bulgy and my head hurts.  I attempted the coffee thing but that didn’t help and neither has having the air conditioning in my room on full blast to keep me awake. 

Tonight when I go home I plan to change my bedding, create a ‘sanctuary’ (i.e. clean the room up from all the clothes I tossed out the wardrobe yesterday) and hope for a really good night’s sleep. 

Last week I read an article on Use Real Butter – link at the side, I’m too tired to link it, about blogs who advertise, and in the comments section people wrote that they loved getting comments but if they didn’t, then it didn’t matter.   Sometimes a post that I think will get lots of response gets none at all.  But from now on I won’t mind.  I’m going to Perfecting Pru more as a journal and then I can look back in a years time and note that my sleep deprevation only lasted for a few nights and then went back to normal.

I hope you are all sleeping happily and not dilly dallying over your blogs either.


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